Imbrium Therapeutics Pipeline

Our robust and diversified pipeline of investigational therapy candidates has been built to address many serious medical conditions.

Preclinical Phase I Phase II Phase III Registration
Tinostamustine Phase II

Tinostomustine is a potentially first-in-class alkylating deacetylase inhibiting molecule in development for the treatment of certain cancers. In preclinical studies, Tinostomustine has been shown to improve access to the DNA strands within cancer cells, disrupt them and counteract damage repair. clinicaltrials.gov

Etoposide Toniribate Phase II

Etoposide toniribate is a novel etoposide in development for the treatment of certain solid tumor cancers. In preclinical studies, the agent is activated in cells expressing carboxylesterase 2, an enzyme found in the gastrointestinal tract and is particularly active in tumor cells. clinicaltrials.gov

IMB-115 Phase I

IMB-115 is an internally discovered compound with a novel mechanism of action in clinical development for the treatment of insomnia associated with alcohol cessation.

INDICATION: Fibromyalgia
INDICATION: Overactive Bladder
IMB-110* Phase I
INDICATION: Chronic Low Back Pain

IMB-110 is a preclinical stage, novel long-acting formulation of a non-opioid compound for use in chronic low back pain.

IMB-150* Preclinical
INDICATION: Bladder Pain

IMB-150 is a preclinical stage, long-acting formulation of a non-opioid compound for use in pain associated with interstitial cystitis.

1IAAC = Insomnia Associated with Alcohol Cessation
*Development Collaboration


The safety and efficacy of the agents and/or uses under investigation have not been established. There is no guarantee that the investigational agents will successfully complete clinical development or gain health authority approval.


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